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SCANIA Slovakia, sro, Senec, Service for trucks, 2009

Porsche Inter Auto Slovakia, sro, Bratislava-Petržalka, Service for passenger cars, 2000, 2008

Rebuilding the area comming from the time of building of modern Petrzalka leading European car sales of VW products. The area was divided into functional products for VW and Skoda products. Workshops were set up income, mechanical repair groups, plumber activities, Paintshop and Carwash. Project documentation was prepared for the architectural firm BKPŠ.

HTP Vráble Slovakia (Plasmet) Ltd. Vráble Pressing shop of plastic, 2006

Unomedical sro, Michalovce, Manufacture of plastic products for health, 2005

The building of the area for the Danish producer of disposable devices intended for use in health care. A production hall is produced blood bags, catheters and similar articles of plastics. Are used for production of injection presses, extruders with central distribution of granules. Product assembly provide dedicated assembly machines. Storage-space size of the hall more than 13,000 square meters. The planned number of 660 employees working in continuous operation. Demanding technical equipment to ensure strict conditions for cleanroom provides health equipment installed in the engine rooms and technical spaces on the mezzanine. Project documentation was prepared for IPEC PROJECT.

Giesecke & Devrient Slovakia, sro, Nitra, Production of credit cards, 2005

Unomedical sro, Michalovce, Manufacture of plastic products for health, 2005

DELPHI Slovakia, sro, Senica Manufacture of wire harnesses, 2002, 2004

The building of the area with production and warehouse hall in 2 stages. Production focus on the production of the main wiring harness for VW TUAREG / CAYENNE, supplied under a just-in-time. The main wiring loom, each different versions for specific serial number of the car contains up to 5000 m cable. Production consists of a series of crimping machines, hand preparatory departments and assembly lines for assembling the wiring harness. Production area the size of more than 9000 m2 and a total of 2300 workers planned working 3 innings. Followed up at the factory shed for ancillary production workers and social security for employers and administration. Project documentation was prepared for IPEC PROJECT.

MB, MOTOR CAR IMMO sro, Bratislava, A.Ş., Service for cars and trucks, 1998, 2000, 2002

Gradual building of the area for a comprehensive service for selling and repairing car brands MB. Building was carried out in several stages which were put into service workshops aimed at diagnosing and repairing mechanical groups of trucks, plumbing shop and paint shop, a specialized workshop for repair of passenger cars mechanical groups, specialized workshops for the repair of mechanical groups of trucks and diagnostic workshop for trucks . Project documentation was prepared for IPEC PROJECT.